What Would Happen If ___ Lived in this House?

What Would Happen If ___ Lived in this House?


Materials Needed:

Felt board
Felt board letters
Pictures of many different animal's homes (e.g. bird nests, bear caves, lake, dog house)
Pictures of many different animals
Laminating materials


What to Do:

Using felt board letters, write the question "What Would Happen if ___ lived in this house?" across the top of the felt board.
Cut out many pictures of animal homes and have them laminated.
Cut out many pictures of different animals and have them laminated.
Glue a piece of velcro to back of the pictures to help them stay on the felt board.
Place one of the homes on the felt board.
Ask the children if they know which animal lives in that home. After the correct animal's name is said, place an animal other than the correct one in the blank space in the question.
Ask the children what they think would happen if the animal pictured on the board lived in that home.
After all the children have opinionated regarding the question, invite one of the children to find that particular animal's correct home and put it on the felt board.

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