How to Make a Yummy Sandwich

How to Make a Yummy Sandwich


Materials Needed:

White construction paper (1 piece for every two children - for bread slices)
Small paper plates (as many plates as you have different sandwich ingredients plus one for each child)
Different colors of construction paper (for sandwich ingredients)
Pen or pencil


What to Do:

Fold white construction paper in half, and then cut folded piece in half so that you have two folded pieces.
While folded; cut around the three sides to make it look like sandwich bread.
Cut out sandwich ingredients from the different colors of construction paper (e.g. cheese, bologna, bacon, peanut butter, jelly, lettuce, tomatoes). Make sure to cut out several of the same kind of ingredients so each child can have some of the same choices.
Label each plate, using the marker, with the name of the ingredients it will hold.
Place the ingredients on their designated plates.
Each child will take turns making their favorite sandwich by opening up the bread slices and placing whatever ingredients they want on the bottom piece and gluing the ingredients to the bread.
After they finish gluing the ingredients to the bottom slice of bread, instruct them to dictate to you how they made their sandwich.  

 Using a pen or pencil, write down the step by step directions on the inside part of the top slice of bread.
After writing down what the child's dictation, wait for the glue to dry and then fold top slice back down.

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