Tadpole Game

Tadpole Game
Materials Needed:

Image1 Tape
Image1 Paper
Image1 Scissors
Image1 Clear contact paper or laminating
Image1 Tadpole template
Image1 Frog template
Image1 Big Fish template


What to Do:
Image1 Trace or print out tadpole template and cut out (one for all but one child).
Image1 Trace or print out frog template and cut out (one for all but one child) .
Image1 Trace and cut out lily pad template. Spread the lily pads out around the playground.
Image1 Tape a tadpole picture to the back of every child in the class except one. The child that does not have a tadpole picture is the “Big Fish”. The “Big Fish” tries to catch the tadpoles by tagging them before they get to the lily pads.
Image1 If the tadpole makes it to a lily pad without being tagged, they get to have the tadpole picture removed and it will be replaced by a frog picture.


*Laminate all tadpole, frog, lily pad, and big fish pictures for better durability.


Templates: Tadpole - Frog - Big Fish

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