Dinosaur Shoes
Dinosaur Shoes

Materials Needed:
Image1 Large paper grocery bags (two per child)
Image1 Yarn or rubber bands
Image1 Paint (assorted colors)

What to Do:
Image1 Invite children to paint two grocery bags with their choice of colors.
Image1 When dry, have the children step into the bags and gather bags around their ankles with yarn or rubber bands.
Image1 Invite children to stomp around while listening to Laurie Berkner’s song “We Are The Dinosaurs”.

Option 2:
Materials needed:
Image1 Cereal boxes or shoe boxes
Image1 Assorted construction paper or fun foam
Image1 Glue
Image1 Scissors
Image1 Tape

What to Do:
Image1 Tape the open end of cereal box.
Image1 Cut a hole big enough for foot in front panel.
Image1 Cut dinosaur foot shape from construction paper or fun foam.
Image1 Glue foot shape to top of box.


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