Snowflake Bingo

Snowflake Bingo
Materials Needed:
Image1 Large craft sticks
Image1 White glitter spray paint
Image1 Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Image1 Thick black marker
Image1 Mini marshmallows
Image1 Index cards


What to Do:
Image1 Hot glue three large craft sticks in a snowflake pattern, creating enough for each child to have a snowflake. Spray paint all of the snowflakes white. When dry write different letters on each corner of the snowflake.  
Image1 Write each letter of the alphabet on an index card and mix them up.
Image1 Give each child a snowflake and a handful of marshmallows. Draw a card and announce the letter. Show the letter to all of the children and have them place a marshmallow on their snowflake if they have that letter.  
Image1 After the game is complete invite children to eat their marshmallows.

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