Create a Bird Nest
Create a Bird Nest

Materials Needed:
Image1 Paper lunch bag
Image1 Bird seed
Image1 Straw/hay
Image1 Yarn or pipe cleaner
Image1 Hole puncher

What to Do:
Image1 Roll top of paper bag down to create a 1 ½ inch bowl.
Image1 Instruct children to place layer of hay or straw in the bottom and then cover with bird seed.
Image1 Punch holes in either side of the bag and attach string or pipe cleaner through to create a handle.
Image1 Take nests outside and help children hang the nests in the trees.
Image1 Explain to children that the birds will be able to eat the seeds and can use the hay to create their own nests high in the trees.

 *Many different kinds of birdseed contain nuts so it’s safest to use nut free seeds to avoid any child with nut allergies coming in contact with them. We sometimes forget that even though we may not have children in our class with nut allergies any projects we put outside is a possible allergy hazard to children throughout the school!


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