Adding Letters to the Coconut Tree


Adding Letters to the Coconut Tree


Materials Needed:

Image1 Metal tin cans (e.g. coffee, industrial sized fruit/vegetables)

Image1 Brown spray paint

Image1 Magnetic letters

Image1 Foam sheets (green)

Image1 Foam balls

Image1 Tape (Duck tape works well)

Image1 Leaf template


What to Do:

Image1 Spray paint the coffee tins and the foam balls brown.

Image1 Tape the coffee tins together stacking them one on top of another.

Image1 Trace and cut out the leaf template onto the green foam and attach to the top of the tins (if using industrial size cans, you may want to enlarge the palm leaves).

Image1 Provide the language center with your coconut tree and magnetic letters.

Image1 Invite children to add letters to the coconut tree.



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