Worm Tunnels

Worm Tunnels


Materials Needed:  

Image1 Brown paint  

Image1 Ivory Snow  

Image1 Bowl  

Image1 Paint smocks  

Image1 Construction Paper  

Image1 Glue  

Image1 Gummy worms


What to Do:  

Image1 Mix equal parts ivory snow and brown paint into a bowl to create a dirt like color.

Image1 Whip until the soap mixture makes a stiff peak. Create enough batches to cover table.  

Image1 Spread mixture evenly over table top.  

Image1 Instruct children to:

- Wear paint smocks and draw tunnel designs into the paint and Ivory Snow mixture.

- Press a sheet of construcion paper onto the table to transfer the designs onto paper.  

- After paint mixture has dried invite children to glue gummy worms onto the paper in their tunnels.

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