Snow Feet

Snow Feet


Materials Needed:
        Construction paper (blue and black)
   Paint (white, orange, and black)
      Black fine marker
    Box/box lid (large enough for the paper to fit inside)
  Paint brushes


What to Do:
  T   Tt      race a hat shape onto black construction paper and cut out.
    Invite children to marble paint  on the blue construction paper by placing the paper inside the box, then drop marbles dipped in white paint into the box on top of the blue paper.
  Demonstrate to the children how to tip the box/box lid back and forth and side to side to move the marbles through the paint and across the paper.
    Paint children’s feet with white paint. Place children’s feet with toes pointing down and close to the bottom of the page.
  After feet stampings have dried instruct children to

- Glue the hat cut outs to the top of the snowmen.

- Use finger to dip into black paint and make two eyes, a scarf (could use red paint also), and three buttons.
- Use a fine point pen to draw two stick arms on snowman.


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