Guess the Center Game

Guess the Center Game


Materials Needed:

Large pictures of center items
Construction paper
White paper


What to Do:

Tour the children through each center, talking about the different items in each one.
Make the "Secret Center Pictures" ahead of time. Do this by cutting out large pictures of different center items such as: puzzles, blocks, easel, kitchen equipment, magnets, etc...
Glue each picture to a piece of construction paper. Cover the picture with another piece of paper, so that none of the picture is showing. Tape or staple the paper to the construction paper on the left side only. Cut the cover paper in approx. 1 ½ inch strips by cutting from the right side to left side of paper making sure to stop before cutting all the way to the left edge.
Bring the "Secret Center Pictures" to circle time and announce to the children that they are going to play a guessing game.
Ask them to think about all the different things they have seen in the centers.
Then hold up a picture that is completely covered and ask them to guess what it is. After they have tried to guess fold open one strip and ask them to guess again, continue doing this until they guess it or it is completely uncovered.


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