Monkey Around

Monkey Around


Materials Needed:

Monkey template
Marker (black)
Brown crayon or marker
Laminating material
String or clothesline


What To Do:

Copy monkey template 10 times.
Color monkeys brown.
Write one number on each monkey 1-10 using black marker.
Add eyes and any other feature you want.
Laminate monkeys and cut out.
*Hang a string or clothesline where children can easily reach it.
Hang monkeys by their tails onto the clothesline. Hang them so the numbers are not in order and ask the children to line them up from 1-10.
You may also wish to hang them so every other or every third number is missing and have the children fill in the empty space with the correct monkey.


* Make sure to stress safety when hanging the clothesline. Don't hang it in an area where children might run into it.




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