“Mom’s Things” Book

"Mom's Things" Book

Materials Needed:

Construction paper (at least 2 sheets per child)
Pictures from magazines and catalogs
Stapler and staples

What To Do:

Stack two or more sheets of construction paper and fold in half to create a book.
To hold the papers together, staple along the folded edge of the book.
Using the markers/crayons, write the title "Mom's Things" on the cover page of each book and have each child decorate his/her cover.
Make sure the child's name is written on the cover of his/her book.
On the inside pages, write a different "thing" that mom would like across the top of each page (i.e. "Foods Mom Would Like..., Clothes Mom Would Like..., Shoes Mom Would Like..., etc.).
Have each child cut out several pictures from magazines and catalogs of items he/she thinks mom would like.
Have the children glue the pictures they chose onto the correct pages for that item into their book.

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