Alphabet Easter Basket

Alphabet Easter Basket

Materials Needed:

26 Plastic eggs
Permanent marker
Poster board

What To Do:

Using a permanent marker, write one (different letter) of the alphabet on each of the eggs.
Find stickers that have pictures of something beginning with each of the letters of the alphabet. (i.e. apple, ball, cow, dog, etc.)
Stick the stickers on the poster board.
Cut around the poster board stickers, making sure they will fit into the eggs.
Place the sticker picture cards in the egg that corresponds with the beginning letter of that picture.
Have the children sit in a circle and ask them to take turns picking an egg from the basket and then pass the basket to the child sitting to the right of him/her.
As each child holds the basket, recite the attached rhyme. (See below.)
Have the child tell you the letter on the egg, then have him/her open the egg and name the picture inside the egg before passing the basket to the right.


A tisket, a tasket it's time to pass the basket.
It's filled with letter eggs as you can see,
Now take one out and tell the letter to me.


Pass the basket filled with the pictures.
Have each child pick out a picture.
Pass another basket filled with the empty eggs and have each child pick out the appropriate egg with the matching letter.

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