Boo-Boo Bear


Boo-Boo Bear


Materials Needed:

Tongue depressor / large craft stick
Construction paper (light brown and red)
2 - 12mm Wiggly eyes
Markers (dark brown and black)
Cotton swab
Gauze tape
Gauze pad



What to Do:

Trace/copy bear template onto light brown construction paper.
Trace and cut out heart onto red construction paper.
Instruct children to glue:

- Wiggly eyes onto bear's face.
- Heart onto bear's chest.
- Cotton swab and tongue depressor anywhere on bear.

Instruct children to stick gauze pad down with gauze tape and to stick bandage where ever they choose on the bear.
Using black marker invite the children to:

- Draw nose and mouth on bear's face.
- Write "Boo-Boo Bear" on heart.


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  Posted on Mar 12, 2012 13:01:36 PM by Karen
So excited to do this one~ have it on my lesson plan!