Police Badge and Hat


Police Badge and Hat


Materials Needed:

Construction paper (black and blue)
Stapler and staples
Gold braided cord
Black marker
Gold paper

Template 1 & Template 2


What to Do:

Using templates (template 1 and template 2), trace and cut out:

- Badge on gold paper.
- Hat on blue construction paper.
- Visor on black construction paper.

Cut 1½" wide headband from black construction paper, to the length needed to fit around child's head. Be sure to leave a little extra to overlap and staple.
Make a fold in hat approximately 2¼" from bottom. Fold up at a 90-degree angle to form a "visor".
Staple headband together.
Glue hat to the backside of the front of the headband so that the 90-degree angle visor sticks out in front of the headband. Make sure the headband rests on top of the visor.
Using black marker, write the name of your city or town, the word police, and a number on the badge.
Instruct the children to glue:

- The black visor on top of the blue one.
- The badge onto the front of the hat.
- Cord onto top, back part of visor.



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