Candy Corn Guessing Game

Candy Corn Guessing Game


Materials Needed:

Small, clear jar or container
Candy Corn
Bar graph with each child's name printed on it


What to Do:

Using a small clear glass jar (e.g. baby food, jelly, jam), place enough candy corn in it to fill it.
Put the cover back on the jar.
Make a chart with the children's names on it.
Invite each child to take turns guessing how many candy corns they think are in the jar.
Document their answers on the chart.
After each child has had a turn to guess, and their guess is posted, explain to the children that their guesses are called a hypothesis. Empty the jar and count the candy together.
Whichever child guessed the closest, should receive a small prize (I like to give out stickers).


* You may use this activity throughout the year by changing the objects to fit the theme of that particular week.

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