Fly Bat, Fly

Fly Bat, Fly


Materials Needed:

Bat template
Tissue paper (black)
Thread (black)
Paper clip


What to Do:

Cut out bat template and trace on black tissue paper.
Cut out black tissue paper bat.
Cut a piece of black thread about three to four feet long.
Tape one end of the string to the floor or table.
Tie the other end of the string to a paper clip.
Attach the paper clip to the bat.
Using a strong magnet, instruct the children to catch the paper clip and pull up until the thread is tight.
Explain to the children how to gently pull the magnet up, away from the clip so it is close but not touching.
See how far they can move the magnet without dropping the bat.


* You may first want to do a demo for the children so they understand the concept.




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