Materials Needed:

Sunflower seeds and birdseed
Construction paper (yellow and green)
Small paper plate
Brown paint



What to Do:

Using template, trace and cut out:

- Sunflower petals onto yellow construction paper.
- Leaves onto green construction paper.

Using a 12" x 18" piece of green construction paper, cut a strip measuring 1" x 18". This will be used as the sunflower's stem.
Instruct children to paint top of plate brown.

Instruct children to glue:

- Stem to back of plate so it hangs down.
-  Leaves to stem.
-  Sunflower petals around plate so that the ends are glued to the back of the plate.
-  Sunflower seeds in a medium sized circle in center of the plate.

-  Birdseed around outside edge of sunflower seeds.


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