Count the Teeth

Count the Teeth


Materials Needed:

Small paper plates (10)
Mini marshmallows
Toothbrushes (10) (can usually find inexpensive ones at your local dollor stores)
Markers (red/pink and black permanent)

What to Do:

Draw open mouths with lips onto the small paper plates.
Using the marker, write a different number (1-10) on each of the toothbrush handles.
Place the toothbrushes, mini marshmallows, and mouth plates into the Math Center.
Place the toothbrushes into a pile.
Invite the children to take turns picking a toothbrush and placing it below one of the paper plate mouths.
After they place a toothbrush under a mouth, instruct them to put the amount of mini marshmallows specified by the number on the toothbrush handle, into the mouth to represent teeth.
Invite the children to continue doing this until all of the toothbrushes have been used.


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