Finish the Word Game

Finish the Word Game


 Materials Needed:

2-3 sets of letter cubes (you can find them at teacher supply stores or take them out of word games)
2-3 cups (for rolling letter cubes)
10-20 large index cards (unlined)


What to Do:

Print a different 3-5 letter word across the bottom of each of the index cards (i.e. Cat, Dog, Mouse, House, Tree, Hat, Hand, Foot, etc...).
Using the markers, draw a simple picture above the word on the card.
Place the letter cubes into the cups (one set per cup).
Give 2-3 children a picture/word card, letter cubes, and a cup. (Make sure all the words are the same length for each round.)
Have the children take turns rolling their letter cubes, and picking out whatever letters that landed with the correct matching letter up, as one of the letters on their picture/word card.
The first child to cover all the letters on his/her card with matching cube letters yells out "WORD". The game then continues with the remaining players, until all the players have a chance to yell "WORD".

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