Hop on the Story Train

Hop on the Story Train


Materials Needed:

Train engine template
Poster board
Crayons or markers
Laminating material


What To Do:

Glue a copy of the train engine template to the poster board.
Cut around the edges.
Using the markers or crayons, color in the train engine or ask a child to color it for you.
Laminate the train engine for durability.
At group time, have the children sit in a circle.
Explain to the children that rather than read a story from a book, you would like for everyone to help to make up a story together. Tell them that you will start the story, then you would like for them to take turns hopping on the story train and telling their part of the story.
Explain to the children that after you tell your part, you'll pass the train engine to the child next to you, so that he/she can add on to the story.
After he/she tells his/her part of the story, they should pass the engine to the child sitting next to him/her to continue with his/her part of the story.
Continue passing the train engine until all of the children have had a chance to add to the story.
If the last child to add to the story doesn't end it, the teacher may wish to do so.


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