Rocket Races

Rocket Races

Materials Needed:
Image1 2 Clip clothespins
Image1 Tape (painter's or masking)
Image1 Long balloons (not round) (at least 4)
Image1 Drinking straws
Image1 String
Image1 4 Chairs

What to Do:
Image1 Cut two long pieces of string (at least 8 feet long).
Image1 Slide each string through a straw.
Image1 Place two of the chairs side by side at one end of the room, and the other two chairs side by side at the opposite end of the room.
Image1 Tie one string to each set of chairs, making sure the string is pulled taunt between the chairs. (You should now have two "rocket race tracks".)
Image1 Blow up two long balloons, and seal them by clipping the clothespins on the necks of the balloons. (You may need to fold the end of the balloon first.)
Image1 Tape the balloons to the straws by wrapping the tape around the balloons, and loosely around the straws.
Image1 Slide the balloons and straws to the beginning of the strings.
Image1 Simultaneously take the clothespins off the balloons.
Image1 Which "balloon rocket" went the furthest? The fastest?


*You may also want to try the race with one fully blown up balloon and one which is halfway blown up.

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