Groundhog in a Cup


Groundhog in a Cup


Materials Needed:

Construction paper (black, green, white, and brown)
Wiggly eyes (2 per project)
Large craft sticks (1 per  project)
Green plastic cups (1-16 oz. per project)



What to Do:

Cut a 1 inch slit in middle of the bottom of the cup. (This step should be done by an adult.)

Cut a strip of green construction paper so it measures 3.5x10 inches.
Demonstrate to children how to cut approximately 2-inch deep cuts along the length of the green strips to resemble grass.
Using template trace and cut out:

- groundhog and nose piece #1 onto brown paper
- nose piece #2 onto black paper

Instruct children to:

- Glue grass strip to inside top of cup so "grass" is sticking out of the top of the cup.

- Glue nose piece #1 to groundhog.
- Glue nose piece #2 on to nose piece #1.

- Glue eyes on groundhog.
- Glue groundhog onto one end of large craft stick and let dry.
- When dry put stick into cup and push end through slit in bottom of the cup.

Demonstrate to children how to push and pull stick up and down to resemble the groundhog coming out of its hole.


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