Polar Bear Fishing


Polar Bear Fishing


Materials Needed:
Construction paper (black, white, and blue)
White crayon or white colored pencil
12 mm round wiggly eye (1 per project)

Goldfish crackers

White bar soap

Toothpick (1 per project)



What to Do:
Shave soap (a hand held cheese grater works well).
Instruct children to:

- Spread glue all over bottom half of the blue construction paper. (Supply them with a paintbrush or sponge brush to smooth out the glue.)

- Sprinkle with shaved soap before glue starts to dry.

- Pat down soap onto glued surface so it adheres well.

Using template, trace and cut out:

- Polar bear on to white construction paper.
- Fishing hole on to black construction paper.

Instruct children to:

- Glue fishing hole on top of soap shavings in a position so that the polar bear fits beside it.
- Glue polar bear next to hole.
- Glue toothpick so it's in the polar bears paws extending out like a fishing rod.
- Draw a line from the top of the rod down into the fishing hole using a white crayon or colored pencil.
- Glue goldfish in fishing hole.


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