Mr. Walrus


Mr. Walrus


Materials Needed:

White construction paper
Large white paper plate
White bar soap (shaved)
Aluminum foil
Flexible straw
Brown crayon
Black marker



What to Do:

Copy/print walrus template onto white construction paper and cut out.
Fold back on dotted line so it is at a 90 degree angle.
Invite children to color the walrus.
Cover the paper plate with foil.
Instruct children to spread glue on the bottom side of the folded edge of the walrus, place walrus in center of plate and press folder edge down onto the plate.
After the glue has dried use a flexible straw to help support the walrus. To do this bend the straw at a 90 degree angle at bendable part of straw. Then tape short part of straw to the plate and the longer part of the straw to the back of the walrus.
Shave soap. (A hand held cheese grater works well.)

Instruct children to generously spread glue all over the plate being careful not to knock over the walrus, and then sprinkle shaved soap on top of the glue and pat down.


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