Beans in a Bean Pot

Beans in a Bean Pot


Materials Needed:

Dried beans (, navy, pinto)
Plates (if not using bean pot)
Bowls (one for each variety of bean you use)
Bean pot or bean pot drawn on a plate (one for each variety of bean you use)
Number cards
Tweezers or tongs


What to Do:

Label the pots with the bean type they should hold.
Place the beans in bowls.
Place number cards face down.
Explain to the children that they first need to turn over a number card, then using the tweezers or tongs transfer that number of beans, one variety at a time into the correct pots (counting out loud as they do it).
After several turns ask the children to guess how many beans are in the pots.
Empty the pots or plates by counting each bean, as you are putting them back into the bowls.

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